Oral Cancer Examination Middlebury CT

Cancer is a very scary word for anyone. The idea of having cancer in our body brings about a lot of emotions for patients, as well as uncertainty for the future. One of the best ways of ensuring a healthy body for life is to be proactive about screening for cancers. This is especially true of oral cancer, which can be easily spotted with an examination with Middlebury, CT area dentist, Dr. Arsalan Elahi.

What is oral cancer?

Just like cancers that impact other areas of the body, oral cancer is a cancer that develops in the oral cavity. This may include areas such as:

  • The lips
  • The tongue
  • The floor of the mouth
  • The hard and soft palate
  • Soft tissues (i.e. cheeks)
  • Sinuses
  • Throat (pharynx)

If oral cancer is not diagnosed and treated early, it can be just as life-threatening as other forms of cancer. This is why a routine evaluation is highly encouraged at least once a year with an experienced dentist to look for the signs that may indicate spread.

What can be done about oral cancer?

There are many ways in which patients can approach oral cancer. The type of cancer, the size of the cancer, and the spread of the cancer will significantly change the options patients choose to combat this condition. For some patients, simple excision (removal) of the cancerous cells can put a patient in remission. Other times, patients may need a more aggressive approach, such as radiation or chemotherapy. When patients get a definitive diagnosis of oral cancer from a biopsy, they can then work directly with their dentist to determine a game plan as to how to bring the patient back to better health—and cancer-free.

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